The Women’s Excellence and Performance Network (WEPN) provides training and coaching designed to develop every woman’s Self Image, unlock their Personal Power and provides a support system for them to Mentor others to create healthy and abundant lifestyles.

Conflict Management

WEPN uses advanced emotional, mental and physical training methods to build self-esteem, and create powerful defences against conflict, violence, emotional and financial abuse. Graduates of the WEPN Coaching system join a tribe of powerful female mentors who are dedicated to achieving excellence and form a support network that turns life challenges into growth opportunities that create an abundant lifestyle.

Our proven approach applies Behavioural Psychology, Conflict Management and High-Performance Coaching to give you the tools to unleash your inner Goddess and activate the Goddess in others.


WEPN Coach Training is delivered by a team of personal growth experts in the areas of Conflict Management, Emotional Management, Personal Protection, Leadership, Health and Wellness, Finance and Wealth Creation, giving clients an unparalleled training experience that is intense, educational and lots of fun.

We offer Certified Coach training in:

  • Personal Protection (Athena)
  • Self Image (Aphrodite)
  • Relationships and Emotional Management (Hera)
  • Holistic Wellness (Nike)
  • Finance and Wealth Creation (Fortuna)
  • Living your Passion and Purpose (Artemis)

Are you ready to unleash your inner Goddess?

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Our clients and partners include:

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