About Us

Welcome to the Total Empowerment Network!


What we do

The Total Empowerment Network (TEN) is a leader in positive human and business transformation through training and coaching. Our systematic approach to knowledge and skills acquisition creates an awareness of the underlying structures that govern how we think and act. This awareness creates a critical shift in how we view our talents and skills, our awareness of personal resources and those of others. The result is that our clients quickly discover how to think and act in ways that go beyond previous limitations, enhancing their personal and professional lives and their relationships with the wider community.

We reveal the hidden potential for success in every human challenge, activating your natural ability to achieve extraordinary results with your existing, but untapped personal resources.

Who we are

TEN was founded in 2013 by Larry Camejo, award-winning Success Coach and Social Entrepreneur. Larry has received the Mayor Hazel McCallion Award for Crime Prevention, is a former Mediator for the City of Mississauga and has been featured regularly in the media as a leader in Community Development. He has over LC2 decades of executive leadership experience in the Non-Profit and Technology sectors.

Larry is a member of the Certified Coaches Federation and is an accomplished business trainer and speaker. Larry is also a very successful martial artist who has competed successfully internationally and holds black belts in Aikido and Jujutsu. 

The TEN team consists of a diverse group of highly trained and certified speakers, coaches and trainers who have considerable real-world experience in their areas of expertise. Our team is driven by a powerful unifying passion – the desire to unlock the hidden power of people to achieve their highest potential. We aim to have a massive impact in the lives of our clients in the shortest possible time.

In the Community

TEN partners with Community organizations in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to provide training solutions that empower our communities and build our society.

Hundreds of women have experienced the sense of personal security that comes from our WEPN System, a unique Resilience and Personal Protection system designed specifically for women.

We have had a major positive impact on conflict and violence in schools across the GTA and have created hundreds of young leaders through our Youth Empowerment and Success Series.

In addition, hundreds of Seniors have regained their sense of personal security and independence through our SeniorSafe Workshops on elder abuse.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to continuously expand the definition of natural human potential. We do this through innovative solutions that integrate technology with transformative education, delivering maximum results in minimal time. In conjunction with our team of experts we create an ever-evolving foundation for personal and professional excellence.

As we activate the potential of people and communities we transform them into engines of social and economic growth. Our question for everyone is simple:

Where do you want to evolve today?

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